Slow LuCi...5s response time

Hi there,

is any one else experience a slow LuCi after some time? In Turris OS 3.11.1 is out! - #11 by Jack_Konings - Community office - Turris forum i read about it. It says it happens if a none default DNS is configured but this is not the case for me. (Client gets (router) assigned)
After restart of Omnia and restart of client PC it is normal fast. But after 2 days it gets slow:

Foris is super fast in contrast, so it can’t be a client or general router issue. All other web pages either local (NAS) or in internet are normal fast in response.

I am running 3.11.3 (so mentioned patch of link above should be applied)

Btw. is it also normal to have 20+ foris-controlle processes?:

Foris controle = 25x

Luci interface slow ? … sometime only some menu options (Network Interface, firewall ). I see 25 sec. response too. Sometimes somewhere-there is little to be found. Reasons unknown, will pass by itself.

Hi, that the firewall settings are slow is “normal” since 3.10. or so. But i have it really on every page load and AJAX request :frowning:

Still the same issue in 3.11.4…getting annoying :frowning:

Are you using forwarding in Foris? Would you please try a different DNS Forwarder and if it is possible to select some provider, which supports TLS to see if the LuCI is faster?

Hi Pepe,
what you mean with forwardings? I do Port Forwards but not on Port 80. And with DNS Forwarder you mean i configured a different DNS Server? I had that ( but removed it and my clients are using now the local router as DNS. I additionally have no glue to find out if Turris supports TLS nor my provider. But as Init7 (Switzerland) is quite professional directly sells your router i guess it is supported by them.

DNS forwarding in Foris

It was set to following settings. Test said all is fine.

For testing reason i set it to Cloudflare and Luci was now reacting totally fine.
So this means that although connection test is fine there is some issue with the DNS Resolver of my provider (Init7)?

BTW: Why is this only harming Luci but not Foris interface?

The test tries a few samples. It can’t possibly check for everything that might go wrong.

IIRC there’s some (maybe-)bug from upstream luci – it tries lots of reverse domain resolutions that it doesn’t really need, and probably your ISP’s DNS has some problems with these particular queries. At least I suspect that’s what happens in your case, based on previous experience.

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Alright, was thinking it was already included by but thats then may another issue.

Thanks alot for the time beeing fix…i will try to dig into it abit more to find out what is wrong with my providers DNS. They are quite cooperative to improve their network. :slight_smile:

My understanding was that it only fixed a part of the problem, but I didn’t dig deep.

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I thought this has long been resolved… But I’m on 3.11.8 and the file patched by the referenced commit was still looking as if the patch wasn’t applied… When I applied the patch manually, most Luci pages are now fast again. What happened to the fix?