Since update to 3.8


I’m not that skilled with open-wrt.

Since updating to 3.8 i see the following warnings and errors in the syslog:

2017-09-16T01:56:26+02:00 warning[]: Add_lease, hostname check failed
2017-09-16T03:56:26+02:00 warning[1949]: Last message 'Add_lease, hostname ’ repeated 1 times, suppressed by syslog-ng on TurrisJK.lan
2017-09-16T01:56:26+02:00 err[]: Kresd is probably not running no socket found.
2017-09-16T03:56:26+02:00 warning dnsmasq[2565]: script process exited with status 1

How can i get rid of these?
BTW: I disabled Kres/resolver in favor of dsn-masq.

Also, these messages pop up every 10 min.

2017-09-16T01:55:03+02:00 warning watchdog[]: Restarted resolver
2017-09-16T01:55:03+02:00 warning watchdog[]: Restarted nethist

Why TO keeps on trying to start Resolver when it is disabled?


I’m sorry; I don’t know a solution with dnsmasq as resolver.

I’m not from the official team. I believe the short story is that only one resolver setup is truly supported (kresd). The team certainly doesn’t (intentionally) want to break other setups, but it would just make maintenance/testing more difficult if multiple options were to be supported.

So, you think these errors and warnings are nothing to worry about?

I didn’t mean that, but it is well possible that no real problems will be connected to them, even though it would certainly be better to disable the dhcp script and watchdog for resolver (but I don’t really know).