Simple manual system update procedure already?

Can we please have simple and idiot-proof procedure to manually trigger system update? In documentation maybe? I spent quite a time searching for simple answer to simple question, but did not find anyting. It is all this, that, obsolete, logs, failures, journals, send us logs, dont send us logs - all the irrelevant junk for simple task. If the information is out there somewhere, (and I dont mean lenthy forum threads of 2016 - we changed since then a lot right?) it is not easily searchable.

And If I may forget myself in world of wild fantasies - can we possibly have something like button in Foris which would trigger user’s on-demand update process?

Please excuse my frustration expressing here, if the procedure was there in front of my eyes all the time, I simply could not see it. Just please point me to right resource like a blind idiot.

Warm thanks to you all

In Foris GUI / Updater, when you click on “Save changes”, it will immediately check for updates and do the usual action according to your setting. (E.g. show the button that approves updating.)

If you want to see it from the command line with output it would be just

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