SIM slot + together with micro SD card

Will it be possible please to make SIM card holder with SD card ?
Like with this one connector or this one

Its look like this

Lots of phones have this feature. It would be really interesting to see it in Omnia, because yours older Turris have this feature.

The problem is not the holder, the problem is what should be connected to the SD card slot. There is already an eMMC memory soldered onboard. I doubt it’s possible to connect more than one MMC memory to the SoC. At least it’s not simple.

And it won’t better to use SD card than MMC memory?
What I read I found that SD card has some life span (i mean memory limits - rewriting, etc) and it would be easily to swap SD card, but eMMC as you said is soldered onboard, so there will be problem.

I think that I am maybe wrong, but I want to be sure about it :slight_smile:

eMMC memory is generally faster and more durable than SD card. Of course, you have to avoid excessive writing to it otherwise it can be damaged and replacement is far from easy.

Anyway, the board design is now probably frozen so there’s no chance there will be SD card support in this Omnia.

That’s a pity and thanks for explanations! So I rather will buy some USB flash drive :wink:

Alternatively you could try to use “SD Card to mPCIe adapter”. It is usually implemented using USB attached SD card reader in a form of mini PCI-E card.

Why not using an mPICe SSD? I’m planning to do that. They’re getting cheaper and cheaper and are much more reliable (especially if you’re writting on them a lot). Not sure how I’m going to organize my setup. Maybe I’ll run ownCloud only on the Turris Omnia (and not on my NAS so it doesn’t has to run all the time) to synch my calender, contacts and so on. Maybe combind with a scheduled backup to a drive connected to ohne USB-Port? Or encrypted backup of these data to Dropbox / an FTP?


Even the cheapest mSATA SSDs should be faster than MicroSD.
For comparison: a 64GB MicroSD faster than 10 MB/s write may cost about 25 €. A 64GB mSATA SSD may cost about 10€ more but has far more speed.
And finding good MicroSD for generic Linux filesystem usage is quite hard. They are simply optimized for mostly reading and big continous files.

To answer the original question: no, you can’t put micro SD card in the SIM slot. Its pins are connected only to the dedicated signals of miniPCIe slot which are used by some WWAN modems.

If you expect to do some I/O-heavy operations (write-heavy, to be more specific), it’s safer to do that on some removable storage - an mSATA SSD, SATA HDD or any USB-connected device.