Silly Qustion Turris Omnia 2: GUI for configuration available? (eom)

Is it possible to configure the router via a graphical user interface?

You mean a possibility WITHOUT using terminal OR webinterface?

web interface would be ok if it made available all functions available via the terminal

ooh i get it.

You know i have though about that in the past. I have been a Linux user since 2008 and my conclusion is. If all the functionalities would be available through a interface other then terminal, they would be SOOOO MANY …that you would just lose your self in them. That is why many times just simply editing a *.conf file is WAY FASTER and more efficient then doing it by mouse and keyboard through a graphical user interface. Even Microsoft has realized it by now, by introducing more often a “search feature” to search for application on your windows desktop and powershell in their server version.

Also, changing some settings isn’t some daily thing, so because of that having just to add a *.conf file is much faster, because in a *.conf file you have also comment lines which give you information what is all about, which you can add to make it more clear to yourself.

I think this isn’t available what you are searching for and i would advice you rather to just ask what you want to accomplish.

Many users here are well familiar about Linux commands etc. So if you just politely ask them to guide you step by step, they wouldn’t mind.

EDIT: There is a application called “webmin”, that gives you A LOT functionality through webinterface, but that it self is a webinterface. Also i am not sure how it will handle with openwrt, because openwrt has a different approach with many things.

This is impossible request. Turris Omnia contains open operating system, posibilities of what you can do are infinite.

Simple answer: Yes!
You can setup basic functions and some special functions via the “Foris” Webinterface. For everything else you can use the advanced “Luci” Interface which has many available plugins.