Shipping updates info

I think you can are lucky to get shiping status change. As you noticed, shipping is done by 3d party delivery companies, so I understand, that I cannot rely 100% to omnia web.

Personally, I have still silver 2GB as New order. Considering I am moving to another place in 4 weeks, I am just praying for changing status to “sent to shipping”. Because I can imagine, even after that it took like 1-2 weeks to deliver. Not sure if I will get shipping notice after moving :worried:

It is not CZ.NIC’s fault.
I recieved router on last Tuesday (25thOCT) and CZ.NIC received my tracking number from parcel company today (31thOCT).
So status of order changed today.

There could be one more partial step in order. Something like Handed over to carriers …

I now received my package from the post office. So from email from “Label Print Tool” on Oct 21st to picking up the box took 11 days to Finland. Unfortunately it was the NAS perk, so I’m still waiting for a tracking code for my router. But it worked out in the end, so have patience.

I also received my NAS box prior to the router but it followed soon after. Don’t loose hope yet :wink:

To the guys who are frusterated about whole shipping stuff. I would advice you to take it easy. I mean the guys who already have had their Omnia, are being confronted
with bugs etc. So these guys are really making it easier for us who haven’t received their Omnia yet :slight_smile:

:notes: Always look on the bright side of life…:notes:…poodum, poodum…poodum.poodum :notes:


Yea! I have order get ready to shipping :slight_smile: So I have pretty good chance to get it until moving. I am happy :+1:

I have got my 2GB black + LTE few mins ago ( Czech Republic ) - order status still - “Being prepared for shiping” :slight_smile:

I received an email from “Label Print Tool” containing the tracking number today. It’s been a week and a half since my order status changed to “The order is being prepared for shipment”, and it’s not updated to reflect on the shipping company yet. I’m pretty excited about this :smiley:

From: Label Print Tool

Yippee! The package just landed on my desk. (Labeled on 27th Oct by GLS sticker, shipping to CZ; could have been delivered yesterday if the shipping address didn’t get messed/mixed with the billing one…I can’t track back where the mistake comes from.)

That was the easy ;), passive part of the affair. I wish I won’t join the other complainants crying Their Precious(es?) are half-made (antenna connectors) or don’t work for this or that reason.

Wish you all a fast delivery and a lot of pleasure with your routers.


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I still cannot find any details for my Order #8019
The order web details have not changed in over 3 months.
Is there any where else I can find an update for this order.



@Jerry What is your order number please?

Order number 2179 … but no WiFi version

Please wait few days more and you will receive tracking number. This is same respond which you will give Turris team on IndieGoGo campaign. So don’t worry.