Shipping to US - does anybody have their Omnia yet?

Has anybody in the US received their Omnia? How long did it take from when you got the shipping notification?
I got my email on November 11th and still no router. The tracking stopping updating on November 25th, after a supposed failed delivery. I had the day off and was home with the kids on the 25th. The page is lying, unless forgetting to put the box on the truck or losing the package is an attempted delivery. The in-country tracking has never worked and says the tracking number does not exist.

I have my answer.
I just found the other US shipping post after writing this one. The US tracking number does not work, as one of the replies to that post says. The original postnl one does. My package has made an interesting tour of the US. It was in the town next to mine two weeks ago, then went on a week trip around Missouri and is now back in my area. Supposedly arrived in my town yesterday, so should show up today.

Yes received mine a week and half ago

Mine shipped on 11/16 and I received it in Texas on 11/30, which is five days ago as I write this. So, it took six days to get to the U.S. and then eight days to get to me.

The tracking was pretty wonky. The international tracking ( didn’t update beyond “The item is on transport to the country of destination”, even after USPS tracking indicated it was in the U.S.

The USPS tracking ( showed “Arrived at USPS Facility” when it arrived in Chicago, but then it took eight additional days to get to Texas. That’s a REALLY long time.

Anyway, here’s to hoping yours arrives today or very soon.

You’re being so possessive give it some space…it is sightseeing through the US, before it’s going to “settle-down” at your home :laughing: