Shipping - is it actually happening?


my contribution number is #531, 2GB Black with wallmount (upgrade #7664).

Two colleagues at work ordered the same 2GB Black, one without any add-ons (late pledger) another guy with the hackerpack (real early bird, #1xx or so).

We all ordered to the very same address, our workplace.

One received his, the other didn’t and I am slightly frustrated reading the email saying 100% being shipped to the shipping company and still not having a tracking number or any ETA while my colleague already has it up and running.

Can you please shed some light?

I think maybe the transparency hurt the project in case of shipping. Might have been a better idea to not tell anything and only send the shipping code to the customer shortly before expected arrival. I got my shipping code a week before it started working on the tracking page. And now I’m still waiting for it to arrive and refreshing the tracking page every now and then. But have patience.

Maybe there should be a single page where one could check everything related to shipping. One that lists the different configurations in the order they were manifactured. And explains how the shipping company works. Clearly this all takes longer than expected. Maybe because of a cheap shipping company instead of UPS/FedEx/DHL? I don’t know, but all info in one place would probably help with all the rumors and speculation.

Hello, I have received my blue 2 GB RAM version yesterday, one week after the status changed on the order page to shipment being prepared. Please note that I did not receive any tracking code, but the courier knocked on my door when it was delivered.
We have been informed that the black ones are last to produce and hence to ship. So you might need to wait a little more.

Also if you are outside the European Union, your shipment might get stuck in the customs too.

I know this is little help. But I think you will get it in a few weeks at most.

I received my NAS box on Monday, Estonia, EU. Pretty sure I checked the orders page just a few days prior and it did not have tracking info. I checked after delivery and the tracking info was there.

Received my router (blue, 2g, lte, mount) today, still no tracking info on the orders page!

Did you read comments on IndieGoGo campaign? I don’t guess that you really did.
Shipping is actually happening as you can see even on Discourse that many of us receive Omnia(s).
Don’t worry. Even shipping company needs time to process it.
You will receive your tracking number soon.

It seems the 2GB does not follow board-only, silver, blue and black last. My blue one is not even prepared but some even got their black ones.

Did you order something else with the blue one? That might have an influence on it.

Plain 2GB blue. No other extras.

supposedly it will ship in the next 2 weeks

I finally received it on Tuesday