Shield - There is just reForis


I received the new Shield and I am wondering why there are neither the Advanced Settings nor the Package Manager Tabs visible?

How can I acces the old Foris GUI?
The same for the Luci GUI - the path cgib-bin/luci is not working, but from opkg it is already installed.


Ok - I tinkered a bit arround with that toy ;).
Disabling lighttpd and installing nginx-mod-luci-ssl does the trick.

Why is ist not possible to switch easily between the different GUIs?

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Hi evan,

I have the same Problem, could you please give me a little more info on how to activate LuCI? Have been trying with the OpenWRT-howTo’s but haven’t had any luck :frowning:


Hi Peter,

I did this as I was too lazy to edit the light lighttpd scripts/configs - maybee there is a better way ;):

opkg update
/etc/init.d/lighttpd stop
/etc/init.d/lighttpd disable
opkg install nginx-mod-luci-ssl
/etc/init.d/nginx start
/etc/init.d/nginx enable

and then enter https://host/cgi-bin/luci/

Or flash this - then you have both:

Same problems with Luci here…
Since I find the Foris surface useless, I wanted to get more configuration options for the firewall with Luci webinterface. I tried the installation as well as a reset and the installation of the latest image (thanks to evan, I followed your steps exactly).
The IP Link just showing me an 502 Bad Gateway and a nginx / 1.17.7

I have bad news for all of you. Turris Shield is intended for very unexpreienced users and that is also reflected in GUI. There are even some more advanced Foris configurations that were intentionally hidden. Absence of Luci is intentional and although it somehow slipped to image it is going to be removed with subsequent updates.
It is also not supported to use SSH. We appreaciate your interest but we do not ensure smooth update with changes done with SSH. SSH is there primarily for debugging purposes and not expected to be used by end user. You can do what ever you want with device you bought of course but support is going to be very limited in case of Shield with manual intervention.
In general you should buy Turris Mox to get Luci and more. Turris Shield is weaker hardware compared to Mox and is intended to serve as very simple router/firewall with Turris Sentinel and higher reliability.