SHIELD not working?


I’m from germany and just got my Turris SHIELD. It is supposed to run on a T-Online-VDSL-Connection with a AVM Fritzbox 7590 as the Router. I would call me a semi-professional but I can’t get the SHIELD work as it should.

I understand the SHIELD like this:

  • SHIELD connects to the internet via PPOE and loops it through to the Fritzbox 7590.
  • The Fritzbox 7590 is configured to “Internet via WAN” and receives it from SHIELD.

If that’s correct, my setup should be:

VDSL-Cable > SHIELD gray port > Ethernet-Cable in SHIELD blue port #1 > Fritzbox 7590 WAN-Port
Ethernet-Cable in SHIELD blue port #2 > Fritzbox 7590 LAN-Port

That’s how i’ve done it, but it does not work. The internet-connection-test in the SHIEL-administration-interface failes.

The access data / credentials for the PPOE-Settings are correct, i’ve validated this.

I have no idea what’s wrong and hope there’s someone here who could help me.

Here are some Screenshots of my SHIELD-configuration:

Thanks and best wishes

Maybe this helps.

Thanks Frank_Hamm … but no … it does not help. I’ve read in another post, that you are running a Fritzbox too? Maybe my setup is not right, can you please explain how your TURRIS and your Fritzbox are connected to each other and which settings you did in WAN and LAN on the TURRIS-administration-interface?


Hi, yes i’m using a FritzBox, too.
Lan1 (FritzBox) <-> WAN Port Shield
Lan1 (Shield) <-> HomeNetwork (for me, my switch)
Static IP on my FritzBox (For me
Static IP on Shield (; Gateway, DNS 192.168.1771
LAN Shield ((Router mode), my homenet is based on 192.168.177.x.
You could use the DHCP for assigning the IP’s in your homenetwork.

You will need an additional dsl modem. Shield is just a pppoe client not a modem.

dsl modem - Shield - F!Box - clients

Or F! Box as modem: