Shield fibre access

Hello, I will get an FTTH acces from provider “German Telekom”.
I will get an accees box which transfer from fiber to copper/cat5.
See page 2 at the .pdf - Installation fibre/copper modem
Is it possible to connect the TURRIS shield to that connection type and connection protocol?

Shield could replace the router.
however shield does not contain optical connector - you need MOX or Omnia for that.

I won´t replace my router. I want to place shiled in front of the router. Between fiber2copper modem and the router. For that shield needs no fiber connector. Ethernet/RJ45 (OSI-layer 1) will be fine for in- and out-side.
The question is - will shield understand the protocol (layer 2) on the in-side connector and send the correct protocol to the router on the out-side?

Shield can’t replace your router.

They can replace router, they can not replace wi-fi access point.

AFAIK shield works on L3, so it will route your connections in the LAN and NAT connections to the outside

Turris Shield is a single-purpose device for everyone who wants to easily secure their entire home or office without having to change their modem or router.

so, how exactly it works?
Because if it filters at l2 level, it can hardly provide more than one LAN port.
if it filters at l3, it behaves as router and can replace it.

The fact that it can be plugged between router and modem does NOT mean it CAN’T replace router.

It’s depend on device layer and settings.

that means, it can replace router…