SFP port - will it eventually work?

I’ve read pretty much all SFP related threads on the forum but I haven’t gotten that much wiser. It seems to me like there’s at least two known issues.

  • Autonegotiating with the ISP seems to be problematic at best
  • WAN light, doesn’t seem to indicate SFP activity (or is it just an issue if link isn’t negotiate’able?)

Anyway. My wish is that I’d be able to do away with my Planet GT-805A box that was supplied to me by my ISP (Bahnhof in Sweden) and just have the Omnia terminate the fiber connection. The Planet box has an SFP (one of these: https://portal.prooptix.se/cisco/507-glc-bx-u-1315-20-sc-o-cisco-sfp ) which when placed in the Omnia instead produces a whole lot of absolutely nothing. I have a second SFP (Noname with the same specifications except a different physical fiber connector) which also appears to do nothing useful at all except kill the copper WAN port on the Omnia when inserted.

Is there anything I can do except wait and hope the software situation will eventually improve?

You may contact Turris support to get it running (also it may take some days to get a response as they have quite a big load to deal with, but it’s worth trying).
Unfortunately up til now nobody collected the working connections (country ⇨ ISP ⇝ contract → SFP-module) in the documentation (https://www.turris.cz/doc/en/start) what is a real pity in my eyes - I hope to get hold on a FTTH-line somewhen in the future myself but without documentation on that and no real standard… :unamused:

@xecutor did U get this to work?
Trying to solve the exact same problem, same ISP, same setup =)


Unfortunately I did not get it to work, that said I invested little time into the problem so if you have more time and eventually success, please report back!