SFP max port speed

I noticed that the Armada 385 spec shows support for 2Gbit SFP modules. What will be the maximum speed supported by the SFP port, and if it’s higher than 1Gbit, will it be usable by ethernet and/or wi-fi clients or limited to 1Gbit in total WAN?

We haven’t tried faster SFP module then 1Gbit yet.

Well, it should be possible theoretically, if the design is similar to the ARMADA 385 typical smart gateway design at p.39, e.g the SFP is connected via an SGMII interface.

Even if the SoC supports bandwidths >1 Gbps (FD) I’m not aware of any SFPs that support speeds of e.g. 2 Gpbs. Next step would be 10 Gbps based on a SFP+ which is a different story.

As a side note and without looking at the 385’s specs: There is a trend in the industry of stating bandwidth as the sum of both directions (full duplex), i.e. 2 Gbps in case of a 1 Gbit interface.

I suspect that the 2Gbps is 1Gbps full duplex. If both directions are saturated you are passing 2Gbps