SFP FTTH Freebox Help

I’ve tried to plug the fiber module of my freebox in my turris, and i’ve changed the config like describe here : http://blog.tristramg.eu/fibre-free-sans-freebox.html (or more complex to have voip phone : https://lafibre.info/remplacer-freebox/utiliser-un-serveur-linux-a-la-place-de-la-freebox-pour-debrider-la-connexion/ but i can workaround with free sip so the basic if functionnal will reach my need)
But i’ve never be able to use internet like this.

Any advices, guide or something to help me to plug my provider fiber directly in my Turris Omnia ?

PS : i have a Freebox Revolution with a ONU adapter because i’m in ZMD http://www.universfreebox.com/article/35503/Free-Decouvrez-comment-se-passe-la-migration-en-fibre-sur-les-zones-moyennement-denses

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