Several questions about Omnia - mostly about LTE modules and Omnia UI in comparison to MOFI 4500

I’ve been using an MC7455 in my Turris Omnia for a few years now. It’s not straightforward, because the MC7455 uses MBIM and there is no native support for it in the Turris OS. I had to search a bunch of places to find a compatible protocol module for luci to get it working. I had it working on Turris 3.x and Turris 4.0, but I’ve just now upgraded to Turris 5.0 and it is once again not working. Hopefully I’ll be able to sort out the problem soon.

Also, I originally bought my Omnia router with the LTE kit, which included a slower modem at the time, and a large chunk of metal heatsink to attach on top of it. That of course worked out of the box, but … silly me, I hadn’t installed the heatsink properly, and the modem eventually baked itself to death after a couple of years. If you install the MC7455 in an Omnia, you will also need a large heatsink for it, one tall enough to touch the top of the router case, so it can sink heat to the case. I had to buy a couple of thermal pads to add on top of the chunky heatsink to make it have good contact with the case. Again, if you don’t do this, the modem will overheat over time.

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