Setting up EOIP

I am trying to connect with Mikrotik device with EOIP from Turris Omnia. Did someone already did this? I found some projects that adds eoip on linux, but they are outdated, so can´t be used. I found it should be possible with IP Link but I am confused, can someone help.

Thank you for help.


According to - EOIP is Mikrotik “thing” and I don’t really understand the reason for it when you can use other standard solutions.

What exactly you’re trying to achieve?

We use this for surveillance of IPTV in work. We normally use Mikrotik devices for this, but i want to run it on Turris from home.

so you have separate IPTV subnet in work and you want to connect to this network from home?

simply in work is mikrotik with EOIP tunnel to my IP, and i need to setup other part of tunnel, but I will try setup RouterOS in virtual on Turris.

I assume that would be the best solution for you once you got one side already configured somehow. I was asking about the background to suggest solution where no proprietary EOIP would be used.