Sentinel questions

I have installed sentinel by enabling “data collection” in foris/reforis.
I see that “sentinel-dynfw-client/turrispackages” was installed, but doesn’t seem to be started (even after reboot).

  1. I see that I can enable sentinel-dynfw-ipset and sentinel-dynfw-client in luci/system/startup, am it expected to do it?

  2. isn’t “data collection” supposed to collect data also? So far these seem only to apply dynamic firewall, but don’t gather any data

  3. what is the foris-controller-sentinel-module package supposed to do?

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ok, without a reply…
I have enabled and started sentinel-dynfw-ipset and sentinel-dynfw-client.
They apparently must be started in this order, enabling order is irelevant unless you want to reboot between.

however, i had to start sentinel-dynfw-client again until it started running.

now running on 5.0.2, I’ll keep updated.

Forum is community-driven, sorry. You should write your questions to and they will get back to you soon. Even my shift is over, in this case, I think I might give you some responses and for the rest, I will try to ask of our Sentinel developers to answer it here as one time-courtesy.

I’m fine with discussing in community-driven forum over bugging support with something that community could answer (and I know software which developers prefer that too).

yes, ocasional support from Turris team would be great, and if I will find the need/urge, I’ll contact support.

thanks for helping people here.

We are working on this one. We know that some people want to share their sensitive data with us. :slight_smile: This is going to be part of Turris OS 5.1 release. Will be announced and there is going to be a blog post about it.
In older version of Turris OS 3.x, there was uCollect since beginning for our routers and it was aimed for the devices which were given to the people during our security research. If I remember correctly, we are talking about 5 years ago or something like that. That’s why we do a “major refactor”. I mean prepare from scratch something called Sentinel, whould would be scalable and make everything quicker and simple. Our devs are doing what they can.

Ehm, you found something as feature flag. In Turris OS 5.0, it does nothing. In Turris OS 5.1, it does miracle, no I am just joking. That’s prepared Foris backend and there is also package for reForis frontend, but as I said, it’s feature flag. Let’s wait for 5.1.

Are you sure that it does not run? Isn’t there something in messages?

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they were not running and marked as not to be started (checked in luci)
IIrc applies to 5.0.1 and 5.0.0, I haven’t tried in 5.0.2 yet