SATA HDD issues

Sorry for, refreshing this topic …
while checking something else, this pops-up in google Libata error messages - ata Wiki
… so below message with bunch of numbers might get some text-like explanation… hurray …!

not so fast with that happiness … even after decoding , not much helpful, there are not any detailed list, just explanation for each “position” of number, not the value itself…
But at least it confirms that issue is somewhere between the chip and ata-bus , not on the disk.

NCQ fix is just workaround (normally you should be able benefit from ncq enabled). Aside some users noted that for some drivers (over 2,7TB) there might be an issue with power(at some situation, that mini board is not able to feed both at same time when there is some peak (boot-up/sleep-on-off…??)) . As i used several cable setups, i did not tried to feed the drives from external source. I will try it.

let’s use force, Luke!

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