SATA 3.0 support

Is it possible to have some sata support - not only msata but even direct sata support. Marvell 385 has two sata 3.0 ports. I think that we do not need full connectors, just only pinout somewhere on the board. It would be great to have even power for sata on pins. :slight_smile:


New goal for $550.000?

Good point. I would appreciate it!

Indeed having standard SATA port would make it much easier to build NAS…

I second that, for me lack of SATA or eSATA is the main reason why I am still not decided to give my money because good NAT performance is mandatory for me and I do not believe much in good speed over USB.

maybe it would be still possible to implement a plug like this: - but i doubt the guys want to change anything else, as the end of the indfiegogo campaign is near. But if someone wants to beg them, if wouldn’t say no to it either :wink:

I don’t want to be rude but

This project is about building a router, not a NAS…

Sure, but the SoC is as powerful as a desktop PC and with 2GB of RAM, there is no reason not to have extra apps and storage.

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I have to contradict on that point: No, it’s not as powerful as a desktop PC :sunglasses:

Ondrej Filip responded on IndieGogo:
Yes, generally Armada 385 does support 2x SATA but unfortunatelly it has no configuration profile that would add another SATA in our setup. And BTW keeping mSATA/mPCIe is not cheap since it requires 2 high frequency switches…


Great, so if we cannot use sata from soc, we can use minipcie -> sata adapter. Is it possible then to output on some pins sufficient power source for connecting at lest power source for sata disc?

But if we will have WiFi cards and also LTE card, then there isn’t free minipcie, which we can use :wink:

I do not need lte :wink:

There will most likely only be a pin out for 3.3V, but I’m pretty certain that 2.5" SSD uses 5V and regular disks 12V. Tho you could make a custom cable, from USB to 5 V. Or why not an external power source? It’s not going to be a pretty build any how :slight_smile: Two external disks and cables going out…

The Armada 385 has 6 SERDES interfaces:
2 are used for Gigabit ethernet to switch
1 is used for Gigabit ethernet to WAN port (1000Base-T/SFP)
1 for mPCIe only socket
1 for mPCIe with sim slot
1 for mPCIe/mSATA
non left.

note: this is my understanding of the solution brief and how kirkwood works.


It’s very easy to turn the router into a NAS, buy this Maiwo usb3/esata RAID dock and populate it with upto 4 x 10TB disks. The description of upto 24TB is old, it provenly supports at least 8TB disks.

If you want more, buy a separate USB3 RAID module or Port Multiplier, for example Addonics HPM-XU in RAID 5 mode , to this you can chain connect upto 5 pcs of Maiwo raid dock (each preferrably in RAID 0), this means upto 200TB raw disk capacity (with 10TB disks). So you will have a RAID 5 array made of RAID 0 docks. Addonics has many other models, check them out.


I found quite easy solution to output sata port.
It outputs directly sata port. Then you can use for example sata to esata cable and connect directly any esata HDD enclosure.

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Dear Team,
can You make sure that, mPCIe/mSATA will handle HDD connected to mSATA<→SATA adapter with power line (like this:

This adapter provides SATA full size connector and +5V power (converted from 3.3V from mPCIe).

To this adapter You need additional +5V ~1A power output…

there’s also something like

the way i understand it, 4 pins need to be soldered for power. not too sure though.

edit: also, anyone know if the router supports SATA 6gbps?