Samba suddenly not working anymore

For 2 years now I have been using samba (3.6) on my turris omnia but it is not working anymore.

Neither my windows, nor my Linux clients can connect to it anymore (Ubuntu/Nautilus does not even see it anymore) windows always reports a permission problem (even on public shares) and shares that require a password also fail to work :frowning:

There is also no logging at all from samba, neither at startup nor during the failed connections :frowning:

I know this is close to necro-bumping, but I tried to set up my Turris Omnia with samba and I can’t get it to work conection-wise, neither with Linux nor Windows. Did you find a solution that makes it work for you again?

For me it was some permission problem.

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Common issue(s) are rights and permissions. Samba is using strange approach, so i have to add this to my config (and i use group permissions/ownership to access the files)
force user=mysambauser
force directory mode = 0775
force create mode = 0664

also “security option” (share,user,domain) might cause several troubles (i usually do not recommend domain and share with enabled guest)

some time ago i prepared this (only in CZ) Maxovy poznamky k smb.conf