Running i2pd on TOS 5.2.4

The version of i2pd in the package repos is 2.24, several years out of date. I got it running but it couldn’t talk to anyone else because it didn’t support the necessary key types. I was able to use the builds from here instead Index of /releases/21.02.0/packages/arm_cortex-a9_vfpv3-d16/packages/ by downloading the i2pd package file and manually extracting the binary with tar.

It also uses newer versions of libboost, so I had to grab those package files as well. opkg wouldn’t install them because it didn’t think the required dependencies were present, but the manually extracted files work fine once the libboost shared libs are copied to /usr/lib.

I also have tor running, the default package seems to work as-is.

Unfortunately, this version is included in OpenWrt 19.07, which is used in Turris OS 5.x.
For reference (many packages come from OpenWrt as it is):

If you want to have a recent version, I suggest creating a pull request there, and we will have it then. :+1:

Do they even accept PRs on back-rev releases? I already have 2 PRs outstanding for MBIM modem support that haven’t been acknowledged in months. When is Turris OS going to adopt OpenWRT 21?

Why shouldn’t they? When you are submitting PRs to the base (main) repository or packages ones, there is a difference. The latter one is community maintained (also, more people with commits rights), and even for both, there should be backported only security fixes, bug fixes instead of new features.

Sometimes it is easier for the maintainer to update it to the latest version to support the upstream, etc.

It depends. Sometimes almost everything is merged there.

This version is already in one of our development branches. It will get to the stable branch once it is ready. First, we are going to release Turris OS 5.3 soon.

Hm, looks like they merged support for 2.28 to master 3 years ago.