Routing by hostname?

I was reading this post:

and I was intrigued by [quote=“hal2100, post:1, topic:5104”]
Forwarding and all works great from the outside

and I know how to set this up using Apache to redirect different hostnames to different web servers, but the way I read this is that I could have hosts in my NAT-ed network be accessed by different hostnames from outside my network.

For instance, is it possible to do something like. - outside address with various port forwards - forward all packets to - forward all packets to - forward all packets to

Setting up the DNS on the outside is pretty trivial, but I don’t understand how I would set this up at the router or if it’s even possible. It seems like it could be something that’s possible.

If I understand you correctly, overriding Omnia’s DNS via hosts-like hints does solve this (linked on the forum), e.g. /etc/kresd/hints containing:

No (I think) the question is from outside the network.

You can only do this for protocol like HTTP, HTTPS, OpenSSL. For other protocol it would need a way to determine the hostname within the packet which is not possible.

Thanks, I missed an important word again. Here there’s a suggestion to install nginx on Omnia: Přesměrování domén různých řádů na různé servery - #6 by Peterekcz - SW pomoc [CZ] - Turris forum