Router/switch bandwidth restrictions in PPPOE

Connecting directly to my VDSL2 modem I reach a 60/15 Mpbs download/upload speed. Same when connecting to the modem through a TP-Link switch.

But connecting through Turris Omnia in PPPOE (modem in bridge mode) systematically brings this speed down to 17/7 Mpbs, with no other devices connected on the network.

The problem seemed similar at first to this Help with Omnia bandwidth limiting? but I had no luck with the proposed solutions. Deactivating SQM QoS (cake) and Pakon monitoring did not improve the speed.

So I tried connecting to the modem in DHCP mode and it immediately restored the bandwitdh to 60/15 Mpbs. But it also increases the lag by 8 seconds…

Any idea what parameters to play on in PPPOE to reach the same speed as the naked modem? Thanks for your thoughts!

hello, increased lag with the change to dhcp could be dns-related, maybe you could check your dns settings - possible to check directly in foris under dns, and also wan

Indeed, it seems that a combination of deactivating DNS forwarding and rebooting did the job while still in PPPoE connection. I don’t know how, but thanks!

FYI, I tried to reactivate DNS forwarding afterwards (alternatively to Quad9,, OpenDNS), the speed remains correct but Internet connectivity seems a bit erratic.

this may well be the most far fetched fallout from introducing a dns-middleware.
thx for bringing it up

I did not notice any PPPoE bandwidth issue with my Turris Omnia. (by default it uses the kernel-mode RP-PPPoE plugin version 3.8p)

My ISP optical fiber (GPON) commercial speed is 100 Mbit/s Down and I measure 97 - 99 Mbit/s TCP speed on large HTTP download.