Router statistics on "My Turris" webpage are missing since August 26th

I’ve noticed that my turris omnia (version 3.7.4) statistics on “My Turris” webpage are missing since August 26th and system log is full of following error messages:

2017-08-29T06:16:09+02:00 err ucollect[21564]: Too many pings not answered on, reconnecting
2017-08-29T06:16:09+02:00 info ucollect[21564]: Reconnecting to now
2017-08-29T06:16:09+02:00 info ucollect[21564]: Socat started
2017-08-29T06:16:09+02:00 err ucollect[21564]: Error from socat: 2017/08/29 08:16:09 socat[25667] E connect(5, AF=10 [2001:1488:ac15:ff80:0000:0000:0000:0101]:5679, 28): Permission denied
2017-08-29T06:16:09+02:00 warning ucollect[21564]: Remote closed the uplink, reconnecting
2017-08-29T06:16:09+02:00 warning ucollect[21564]: epoll_wait on 4 interrupted, retry
2017-08-29T06:16:09+02:00 info ucollect[21564]: Reconnecting to now
2017-08-29T06:16:09+02:00 warning ucollect[21564]: Reconnecting too often, waiting a little while
2017-08-29T06:16:09+02:00 info ucollect[21564]: Going to reconnect to after 4 seconds
2017-08-29T06:16:13+02:00 info ucollect[21564]: Reconnecting to now
2017-08-29T06:16:13+02:00 info ucollect[21564]: Socat started
2017-08-29T06:16:23+02:00 warning ucollect[21564]: epoll_wait on 4 interrupted, retry

Has anybody an idea how to repair this problem?

Already posted here.

Thanks for information, I haven’t noticed you post. I’ve reported the problem to the support team so we will see…

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User stats will be down for some time as a number of logged attacks grows rapidly and we need to proceed with some optimization on our side. Sorry for inconvenience :frowning:


Dear Turris team you do still the same communication mistakes again and again! The problems lasts 3 DAYS and you haven’t been able to write a simple sentence to inform us.
And what about the adaptive firewall? From the system log it’s clear that you doesn’t accept any information from my Turris so how do you prepare rule updates for the Turris firewall? This functionality is also disabled?

Yes, we prefer working before the talking. Limiting access to user stats does not limit any from our security features.
Yes, adaptive firewall is fully working.

That is very dangerous way of thinking, especially from the team leader…
You save few minutes time for your work, but hundreds of your customers are trying to imagine what has happened with their router and it takes much more time.


Yes, communication strategy is still tragedy!

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@Radovan_Haban, if your user statistics or data collection are temporarily down, it‘s because we are having to deal with an increase number of logged attacks and are working on adjustments to the server infrastructure. We would like to stress that the issue only concerns limited access to user statistics and graphs in your interface and does not effect any of our security features. We are sorry for the inconvenience, please notify us by e-mail, if your router is the Turris 1.x model and still under contract and you would like to have the gaps in data collection erased. Thanks for your patience.

I would also kindly like to ask you to refrain from name calling and personal advice: thanks!

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