Router delivery date


My question has probably already been replied, but i can’t find it.

When is supposed to be sent to us the router?

Thank you for this project!


guess you missed the wood for the trees, here :wink:

Oh :S that’s one big miss


Is the project on tracks? or a delay expected?

My question following this (which i already knew it was april). Is there a special date IN April that you guys are going to send those routers? 1 April? 15 April? 20 April? Or whatever.

Why do i say this. I am planning to move but everything is not clear yet. It could be April, but it could also be another month. So if i know, then i can keep that in mind, because when it is in transit, it will take some time to arrive at my house.

Martin Strbacka at InstallFest said, they are on time with delivery date by the end of April. They are doing all their best and hopes there won’t be any problems in supply chain.

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In contrast to the exact date (which is however difficult to predict, even for CZ.NIC I think) I am wondering:

  • Will all Omnias be shipped at once (or at least shortly after one-another)? or will early backers be served first and does one have to expect a significant delay (weeks / months?) when having the order processed only last week?

:pensive: I’m so sad I only heard of this in during the in-demand phase… I would’ve early-backed instantly if only I knew sooner…

Cheer Up, Hopefully even if it comes later it will serve us for long time. :+1:

Yes ofc. Sad news on the Indiegogo page though about the logistical (lead time) issues.

EDIT: B.t.w. this was not known when I posted my previous post though I think - at least not to me - so no relation intended. I was just curious about what the relative expected difference would be between early backers and the most recent backers (no-matter the absolute delivery date of the first backer-router). Waiting a little never hurt anyone.

But I wanna… I WANNA! :smile:

Is it June already?

My question still stands though:

Or better, in general terms:

  • How is the shipment-order determined?

Nota bene: I am not talking pre-manufacturing-supplychain-leadtimes here (that is something we must all simply accept)! I’m wondering what the determinants are of who will get his/her Omnia shipped first once "mass"production has started and the first batches start “rolling” from the production-line (e.g. does the order-finalize-date play a role in the logistical handling sequence for instance? etc.).

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