Rollback to latest snapshot via button stopped working

Hi *,

when I started installing and configuring my new Turris Omnia I used to rollback to a snapshot created before every so often. I can’t tell exactly at what point this stopped working, but at the moment the situation is like this:
When pressing the Reset-Button until the second LED starts flashing, sometimes the system behaves as if I had waited for the third LED to flash, i.e. rolls back to factory reset as described in Sometimes though nothing seems to happens at all. When rebooting the system is still unreachable indicating my misconfiguration still exists.
I then have to press the button 'til three LEDS are flashing, wait for factory reset to finish and run through the installation wizard with doing minimal configuration.
I can login via ssh then and see a various number of snapshots that have been created during the reset process, indicating that it tried to rollback my snapshot, but didn’t succeed.
Deleting those snapshots und rolling back to my desired snapshot using schnapps works then without a problem.

This is a possible, but really annoying workaround especially when trying to solve some network configuration issues.

Am I doing something wrong here or is there a bug causing this misbehaviour?



no one?
The problems still exists with the latest turris version.