Reverse DNS address resolution doesn't work

I’ve discovered that Reverse DNS resolution on a network controlled by Omnia with default configuration doesn’t work.
The first sign of problems are from Majordomo package. Even with reverse resolution enabled, Majordomo list IP addresses of communication partners still numerically even for well known (Google DNS).
Than I recognized the problem have all my computers that use Omnia as a DNS server.

I cannot reproduce your issue, reverse DNS seem to work for me:

# dig -x +short


well dig command works for me, as well reverse DNS in active conenctions, only Majordomo is not making reverse DNS. Where exactly majordomo is checking reverse DNS? I use kresd and dnsmasq.



I have the same problem, majordomo doesnt do any reverse dns resolution. So it seems to be an independent problem apart from kresd and dnsmasq?