Restrict NAS to be on the local network only

Hello !

I’d like to configure the firewall to achieve this simple thing: isolate my NAS from Internet. NAS should be accessible only from computers being on the local network ; NAS doesn’t need to connect to Internet too.

Note: my NAS has a static local IP, which could help.

How could I configure it? LuCI / network / firewall settings with zones? or maybe some custom rules will help?

Thank you!

Why do you think, that your NAS is available from internet now?

The firewall is set up by default in such a way, so it blocks anything that is not part of established connection from inside.

If you want to be extra careful, check the service that you are using (samba?) and let it listen only on you inner interfaces.


hey, depending on the timezones, @pgotze answer could be in the middle of my night ; I could also have no access to Internet part of my day! Withdrawn statement is a bit quick :wink:

Thanks for the Samba suggestion, I will check.

The default setup is not exactly that way, as my NAS is currently able connect to Internet. But maybe my request is irrelevant - I’m not an admin, I might be worrying for nothing.

I had a second though of maybe @pgotze, already answered your question, so my post is unnecessary.

no issues, that’s ok.