[Resolved] HELP: WPS? How do I start it (accustomed to a button)

I cannot get WPS to allow me to add a wireless printer…

I would appreciate any help. SSH is working perfectly.

It arrived in the mail today and works great, but no wireless printing yet.

Thank you


Why you want to use WPS - it is worst security issue which you can make…
You can´t add password to printer static ?

Well, if you can assist me with adding the printer I will graciously accept that.

The problem is that the printer is currently unable to print as it is a wireless printer.

Give the following info

  • Printer brand + model

A lot of times you just have to configure the network through the mini-display of the printer.

WPS, is indeed one of the WORST if not THE WORST possible thing to use.

Brother HL2270dw

Thank you for the advice.

I took a quick look at the manual, to configure the wifi not using WPS, you have to connect the printer first using a cable.

I have since connected it using the connection wizard from Brother.

Thank you for the assistance Big_boss!