Resetting power on the LTE card?



is it possible to power-cycle / reset the LTE card from Software ? I’ve a Quectel 4G LTE Express EC20-E card in my Omnia router that sometimes stops answering on the /dev/ttyUSB2 port. Power cycling the whole router brings it back, but I’d like to avoid having to do that.
So I’m wondering if there is some GPIO useable to power down the mini-pcie port on which the card is connected.

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Take a look here for a quick workaround. Not a permanent solution.

You should probably take a look at your network/interface/firewall configuration but not necessarily for the LTE interface. Most of my problems were originating from putting wan in the lan firewall zone. I had to create a new firewall zone to get rid of the segmentation faults and problems with the LTE. Since then, LTE works fine.

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