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Hello @dbonnes,

I’m aware of your issue, so I’ve started to learn how can I create Makefiles and how the things works, so I can help my colleagues with packages. :slight_smile:

It’s quite interesting experience, but unfortunately right now nginx will be a little bit complicated to me, so I have created the case to our Gitlab. So colleagues can take a look into it.

If there will be any progress you’d see it on our Gitlab. You can opt-in for notifications.


Would it be possible to update transmission to 2.94 ? Thanks a lot.


thank you for your request.

I’ve created the issue on our Gitlab, where I’ll keep you updated on any progress.

Also for nginx guys I’ve good news, we’ll update in Turris OS 3.10.4.

Unable to activate statistics in my TO!

Can you update Nextcloud from version 13 to 14?


Better odds (as in package maintainer awareness than the forum) perhaps by opening an issue in where it gets (or might get) a milestone and progress can be tracked.


Please feature luci-proto-uqmi package: in the next relase.


Hah, they must read this forum:



Yes, we’re reading the forum, but the update for Nextcloud was planned as we’re cooperating with them. Currently, it is updated only in our Nightly branch as we wants to test it and add some tweaks. The thing is that we included Nextcloud update to version 13.0.6 in Turris OS 3.10.6, which we released 11 days ago.

From what we know, Nextcloud developers recommends to update to 14 from 13.0.6 and form this version the update should went very well as it is tested, but from earlier versions, there might be some issues.


Would it be possible to add s3fs-fuse to the packages?

I’d like to be able to use the Omnia as an edge cache to Wasabi S3 storage, thanks.



I have LXC v3.1 compiling OK on an OpenWrt Buildroot.

As yet, it doesn’t work - is there any appetite for taking this on?


I would like to have gcc and build utilities for openwrt . It is available here

but I had no luck to install it - different architecture. With 64GB SDCARD It will be nice to have it to play with compiling directly under for openwrt


That’s would be a quite challenging for me as it’s not available in OpenWRT. I was able to find some article from 2009, where someone was able to make it.
I’m sorry, however, we won’t be able to look at it in near future. Once someone would look at it and would upstream it to OpenWRT, we’ll have it. Also, don’t forget that if we or somebody else will upstream it to OpenWRT, who will need to maintain it and fix issues if they would appear.

Maybe things can change, if we’d be interested in the package even it might sound interesting as we are quite overloaded. :confused:

If you want to use s3fs-fuse, it should be possible to use it in LXC container.


Thanks for taking the time to research it! I’ll see if I can install it otherwise, I have rclone running - they have a simple arm7 version that worked first off, it’s not as slick as s3fs but is evolving and has a mount option that works.


Hi, gcc should be available for TurrisOS 4.0. (The build is passing in our test version. )


Impossible to install LUCI NGINX package due to missing dependency uwsgi-cgi. Is it possible to add into repository dependency package ?

Collected errors:

  • satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for nginx-mod-luci:
  • uwsgi-cgi * uwsgi-cgi-luci-support *
  • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package nginx-mod-luci.


There is a new version of nextcloud, 15. TOS still has 14, can the new version be packaged?

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Nextcloud can be installed into lxc container and self-updated after that.


Sure I know, but it’s convenient that it’s packaged inside TOS and even maintained therein.


@paja / @Pepe Please update wifi utilities:

  1. wpad / hostapd packages: upstream available wpad is version 2018-05-21-62566bc2-5 whereas the TO has only version 2016-12-19-8 available.
  2. Implemention of patches to hostapd and mac80211 are needed to support 160MHz width channels as well as DFS scanning for it. See this topic for more information. @Jan.H stated in this thread that the Turris team has WLE1216V5-20 cards available and tested them, so I assume you also looked for getting wave2 up and running in its completeness.