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Thanks for taking the time to research it! I’ll see if I can install it otherwise, I have rclone running - they have a simple arm7 version that worked first off, it’s not as slick as s3fs but is evolving and has a mount option that works.

Hi, gcc should be available for TurrisOS 4.0. (The build is passing in our test version. )

Impossible to install LUCI NGINX package due to missing dependency uwsgi-cgi. Is it possible to add into repository dependency package ?

Collected errors:

  • satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for nginx-mod-luci:
  • uwsgi-cgi * uwsgi-cgi-luci-support *
  • opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package nginx-mod-luci.

There is a new version of nextcloud, 15. TOS still has 14, can the new version be packaged?

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Nextcloud can be installed into lxc container and self-updated after that.

Sure I know, but it’s convenient that it’s packaged inside TOS and even maintained therein.

@paja / @Pepe Please update wifi utilities:

  1. wpad / hostapd packages: upstream available wpad is version 2018-05-21-62566bc2-5 whereas the TO has only version 2016-12-19-8 available.
  2. Implemention of patches to hostapd and mac80211 are needed to support 160MHz width channels as well as DFS scanning for it. See this topic for more information. @Jan.H stated in this thread that the Turris team has WLE1216V5-20 cards available and tested them, so I assume you also looked for getting wave2 up and running in its completeness.
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Just to be clear, why we are reluctant to do it. There are configuration changes in hostapd and to support them we would also have to pull latest netifd and because of that latest luci and latest dependencies of those packages. The format of those packages with Lede project were changed so they are incompatible. This pretty much is not pull two packages but pull around few hundreds of them and rewrite their makefiles while breaking rest of the system. Pretty much impossible. The way we are currently approaching it is to have 4.0 ready as soon as possible instead of sinking hundreds of hours in to the dying fork. I am not saying that I am happy that we have old packages in our repository but we have to see bigger picture.


Understood. But just to be clear about the user story (although that doesn’t change anything from your point of view): it’s not just about updating old packages (like you stated on gitlab) but about missing functionality and security fixes!

That is all well and appreciated but the issue is only that TOS4.x is repeatedly cited/advertised as being the cure whilst it is still in the alpha stage and there are only vague hints that it may arrive production ready till end of this year, implying uncertainty that this will be achieved.

Almost 1 year ago it was stated that TOS4.x would be eventually in beta by end of 2018.

Certainly the dev team is doing as best as they can but that developers have departed and not being replaced, plus at the same time adding the MOX workload, in all likelihood has not aided the pace of development and the consequence is that users ultimately paying the price as being a in limbo between out of date core components with the LEDE repo and some alpha state that is still facing all king of issues on its own in the TOS4.x trunk.

Have some developers left the team?

Can the latest version of nextcloud 16 be packaged for tos?

Yes, Nextcloud 16 will be in Turris OS after some testing.

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//EDITED 06/06/2019:

Nextcloud 16.0.1 will be included in upcoming 3.11.5 and also in Turris OS 4.0 - beta2.

Hello! Is there a chance to release new kernel version?
Tere is critical bug: CVE-2019-11477

Bad packet (with low mss) can cause kernel panic remotely.

Almost there Turris OS 3.11.5 RC is out!


We just released the final version of Turris OS 3.11.5, where is included a newer version kernel, which fixes the CVE and 2 more.

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Feel free to use my package:

And if you are as concerned about security as you probably should be, you can build your own package using this:

Best regards,
Denis Shulyaka

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