Request to update tor in OpenWrt 19.07

The community team lead of Tor has sent the following message to me as I am running a tor relay on my HBT Omnia:

You are running a Tor relay, which is great:

Relay Search

However, that relay’s Tor version is obsolete, and because of old bugs,
we will soon cut relays running those versions out of the network.
Please consider upgrading!

You can find Tor packages and instructions for your distro / OS here:
Tor Project | Middle/Guard relay

Ideally, you will switch to keeping up with our stable releases, but if
you need a stable version that is especially stable, the Tor 0.4.5
branch will be maintained until Feb 15, 2023:

CoreTorReleases · Wiki · The Tor Project / Core / Team · GitLab

and you can see the lifetime of other Tor versions on that table too.

Let us know if we can do anything to make the process easier.



The Tor Project
Community Team Lead

The message says I’m running an obsolete version which will shortly be “evicted” from the Tor network. I checked the version and I’m running tor The message mentions at least 0.4.5 should be used. I checked that HBD already contains tor 0.4.5, but all the other branches still go with 0.4.4. Is there a way to update this package, or should I report the issue upstream? The upstream solution looks like the most correct, but I fear it won’t be fast enough to make it until Tor starts evicting the old versions…

This package, along with other things, comes from upstream as it is. So, it is good to report such features as an update by creating issues in related upstream repositories. Once it is updated there, we will have it (the next day in HBK if we are talking about OpenWrt 19.07 right now).

However, I or @mvasilek will take a look and update it there. Thanks for letting us know about it! :+1:

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Thanks for taking care!

I made a pull request upstream:

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