Request for software update of kmod-sched-cake, iproute2/tc, sqm-scripts

Dear Turris-Team,

over the last year a number of big improvements have been made to the cake qdisc that should all around result in happier users. These changes seem distributed over the following packages (package version are taken from a recent openwrt trunk install):
kmod-sched-cake - 4.9.125+2018-09-11-42e87f12-1
tc - 4.18.0-4
sqm-scripts - 1.2.4-1
luci-app-sqm - 1.2.4-1

Since cake was integrated into the mainline kernel, I believe to be rather save to update to these versions even before the big TOS4 upgrade, so I would appreciate any activity in getting cake updated :wink:

Thank you very much for your great router and nice automated updates, let’s keep TOS getting better :wink:


Yes please! I was forced to compile manually tc in order to make connmark work on ingress.

Better odds (as in package maintainer awareness than the forum) perhaps by opening an issue in where it gets (or might get) a milestone and progress can be tracked.

@cynerd, @miska, @Pepe, what is the proper way to request package updates?

Many thanks for your input…

Best Regards

Hello guys,

If you want to request to update some packages in our repository, you’ll need to create an issue on our Gitlab, but please do it in the right repository. The other way is to create it in our Github repository.

Sometimes I see here that somebody compiles a newer version of some packages and it works well for him/her, so if somebody of you wants to create and send us merge request, we’ll appreciate it.

If you don’t want to create an account/issue on our Github/Gitlab, feel free to send the message to our email address, where I or my colleagues will create the issue in the right repository and will send you the link for the created issue.

Hi Pepe,

thank you so much!

Ah, so I tried that, see:
Is that the correct way? Is that the correct repository?

That is a great service, thanks again.