Request for e2fsprogs update


Could you please update e2fsprogs in TurrisOS? Integrated is e2fsck 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014). Currently the latest is 1.43.4 (January 31, 2017).


according to this article I need to quote:

Using older versions of packages can be a security hazard and can also lead to lower system stability. The only fully supported version of a package is the newest one…

PS: For Turris team there is little mistake from Czech translate: “choose either omnia pro Turris Omnia, or turris for Turris 1.x.”

And back to you:
All packages should be updated in 3.7 (but yet theyre not updated in nightly) according what I found.
Segmentation fault, Omnia, 3.6 - #4 by Pepe - SW chyby-diskuze [CZ] - Turris forum (in Czech but you can use Google translate)