Replacement parts - availability should be better!

Dear Turris creators,

I’ve got a dog that chewed my power cable and destroyed my antennas . The power cable isn’t that difficult to get as there are many e-shops to obtain it from but the antennas are different story. Impossible to get it via any other source except shop that is listed in the official replacement post by Pepe. The short stockage of the item in the shop is too annoying and even impossible to order - the opposite example of how to run a business!

You’re providing a modular device and I expect HW parts availability to be much better. I mean if someone is expected to wait a long time it’s a big NO as a customer. And please… do not blame the shops… you could/should have thought of it in the beginning and act accordingly.

Thanks for reading,
An unhappy Turris customer

Are you sure you can’t just buy any dual-band wifi antenna? There should be plenty of them around, probably even in the nearest electro shop (though I agree that dual-band might be a little trickier to get, but nothing horrible).

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I guess these could do the job (but don’t take it as granted): AKASA Všesměrová třípásmová Wi-Fi anténa, 2ks v balení / A-ATN01-BK - Anténa | . They might have a lower dBm than the original ones, though. But it took me 1 minute to find those, so I guess it should not be a big problem to find a good replacement of the original ones.

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antennas are mainstream commodity device.
here, | Antény všesměrové 2,4 GHz
you can get antennas of various shape, length and color.

Btw., if you’re changing antennas, perhaps you can consider buying five of them and remove the diplexer, which is just another attenuator in the signal path.

Sure alternative antennas do the job but I prefer the original ones. 1 of 3 antennas works so I planned to buy 2 units. It just seems like I have to replace all of those. Never mind as of now. At least I got the power supply lmao.

Most difficult is to get diplexers, all other parts are ok. But it would be great to have possibility to buy Mainboard for Turris Omnia as a replacement part. :slight_smile:

@hello_friend please, send us an email at and we will help You with this. Thanks!

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I ordered 2 diplexers from discomp Turris Omnia diplexer | Discomp - networking solutions last week, it was delivered by PPL within 3 days and I have them both already installed and waiting for AsiaRF card.


I know where to get them, but all other parts are availaible on ebay or aliexpress, where it is much easier to get them wordwide.

Is there any possibility to order original antennas only for aesthetic reasons?

Omnidirectional multi-band WiFi antenna | Eshop Sectron s.r.o.


Is it really the same as original? Did someone order already?

Yes i have just bought some, for AX card update.

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