Replace lighthttpd by appache

Hi @all

I’d like to replace the existing webserver by the full appache package (amongst others because of the missing htaccess-function within lighthttpd).
Did anyone already do that and can advice me how to do that correctly?


What are you planning to do? Do you want the webserver in charge of LuCi to also host other pages or so?

If that is the case i would discourage you doing that. I know it looks appealing doing that, but try the Omnia to use it for the BASIC things (openVPN, LuCi, DDNS etc.)

If you want a webserver, start using LXC instead. The packages within the LXC-templates (depends off course which one you choose) get more frequent updates for example using Debian kind of distro’s with PPA-lines.


You’re right concerning webserver. I’ll use LXC instead.

If you need any help just holla …:).