Remove nextdns package

Hi !

I installed nextdns package which is sometimes causing DNS in my omnia to fool and stop working… I’d like to uninstall but when I try to remove that package it tells me: WARNING: You probably just removed a package that was installed as part of a user list or the basic system. This package will return durring the next updater run. We suggest you disable the user list instead and reinstall when doing next pkgupdate…

Please, how could I remove it? I’m running Turris OS 5.1.2

Thanks a lot !

Hello @8179,

Based on your description, I am not able to reproduce your issue. Here’s my output:

root@omnia:~# opkg install nextdns
Installing nextdns (1.8.6-2) to root...
Configuring nextdns.
NextDNS installed and started using procd init
root@omnia:~# opkg remove nextdns
Removing package nextdns from root...
Not deleting modified conffile /etc/config/nextdns.

I think the issue is elsewhere and I suggest you to reach our Technical support with diagnostics. More details can be found here:

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Hi @Pepe

Thanks so much for looking into issue… I did it via luci web interface, I could try by opkg and let you know.

So, did you resolve it? I have the same issue.

Edit: I uninstalled nextdns via Luci web interface, also via cmd. But after update system Is next DNS installed back.