Remove Foris? Is it redundant?

Turris Omnia 5 currently installs both Foris and ReForis. I never use Foris anymore as it seems somewhat redundant. Does it need to be installed and if not, is there a safe way to remove Foris?

Be aware - not all functionality is transferred to reForis yet! E.g. Storage :wink:


I’ve tried to remove it some time ago, but later after TOS update i found some stuff not to work properly and i install it back. Like resolver,storage,notifier,datacollect,openvpn(generate/delete CA/generate user config… )… for some stuff you will be forced to go to shell and use UCI as LUCI might not have gui for all stuff which is covered by foris/reforis. Also pakon, netmeter and i think remote-backup features are not accesible via luci as well.

Turris OS version 5.1 and older currently install both versions of our UI, which might seem redundant, but they are not. In Turris OS 5.2, we will bring more features for reForis and there will be just a few left like PaKon and Nextcloud.

It is possible to remove Foris, if you are not using it. We will remove it in the future anyway.

I’m using it for a few months already.

@Maxmilian_Picmaus: Almost three years old thread, cmon. :wink: You are talking about how to remove Foris, which was the only UI at that time (there were no reForis at that time btw), and the OP wants to know if there is a possibility to use reForis or Foris, which is something different.

Sorry mate, I sometimes forgot to check the “dates”.