Refund after payment has been processed to cz.nic

Continuing the discussion from Refund of Turris Omnia possible via Indiegogo?:

How would one initiate a refund request when the order has been finalized?

Send an e-mail to info@cz.nic?

Your best course of action is to send an email to but they have no obligation to give you a refund because this is a crowdfunding project and not a purchase. They have already ordered the hardware parts so they have partially spent the money they have collected.

Thanks for your insights!

Let me start by saying that I am not requesting a refund at the moment; I was just curious how it would work. :slight_smile:

Thanks (and yes that is the e-mail address that I should have mentioned in the original post).

Yah… it is probably how it is legally arranged in the fine prints of Indiegogo (and hence accepted by all backers), but for the sake of the moral argument: what if cz.nic would not deliver the promised perks for another year - or worse - not at all (hypothetically! I’m not expecting this at all)? Would all backer’s money simply vaporize?

From an utilitarian moralistic perspective I do agree that It should not be possible for the project in and of itself to be threatened by refund requests b.t.w. (as otherwise it would risk everyone to possibly be let down)! But when margins are relatively big (in comparison to the the losses that would be made when honoring refund requests) it would suit them if they’d honor individual refund requests, when it doesn’t really threaten the project as a whole.

B.t.w. - again (to be absolutely clear): I’m not asking for a refund; on the contrary; I am glad to add to such a nice open source project! :vulcan:

From memory the fine print says that they have obligation to deliver the perks if they promised ones :slight_smile:. If they don’t deliver then they need to settle with the backers until both parties agree on the result.

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Just a quick answer - when people ask us for refunds, we try to accommodate them, even though Indiegogo does not allow it anymore, because we feel it’s fair. The biggest problem here is that when we get the money to our account, processing fees from Indiegogo and Paypal have already been deducted :frowning2: Because of this, we try to settle on a lower amount where these fees have been deducted. In case of returning the full amount, the person asking for refund would paradoxically subtract money from the project they initially wanted to support :frowning2: Fortunately, people are usually reasonable about this and agree on a lower amount.

BTW, you would not believe the amount of bureaucratic work such requests generate which keeps us from other more interesting stuff - fortunately there have been only few so far.


Thanks for replying to such a sensitive topic!

Very sound and reasonable IMO @bedrich_kosata!

Deductions / transactions fees are simply (sunken) costs that have already been made made which should be the burden of the withdrawing party (so in case of a refund request by the backer he/she should realize that that money is used and is their cost to accept)!

Such answers further strengthen my belief in this great project!

Keep up the good work!!