Reforis over https safari ios

I’m running tos 5.2.1 on a MOX.
When I try to log in to reforis over https it loops and I never get logged in.

As there is verry limited console capabilities on the iphone, especially as I do not have a mac computer. I have a hard time debugging the issue.

I managed to catch an error message when hitting stop in safari, but it is not clear to me what is going on.

The reforis page workt fine on all desktop browsers, firefox and chromium.

Luci and foris work as expected on my iphone with safari.

Does anyone know whats going on?


In the screenshot, there is mentioned that you need to reach our support team instead of creating thread on our forum. Anyway, I think this could be related to the recent bug and reForis developers are investigating this. In the meantime, there was added to the FAQ in our documentation this workaround:

Thanks, I have missed that safari section in the docs.

And yes I saw the text asking to contact support. But as it id working on every other device and browser I have tried I just wanted to know if anybody else hade experienced the same.

And yes - the suggested solution in the docs woked

Anyway - Next time I will contact support.

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