reForis / luci reverse proxy setting?

Hi, im looking some luci app thats allow me doing this and will be managable via gui.
Manage reverse proxy based on hostname
for example > lan_ip_192.168.1.5:1234 > lan_ip_192.168.1.8:4321

Now im doing workaround that all 443/80 traffic is pushed to Synology where reverse proxy works fine, but i want it to move more proper place - router :smiley:

Probably developers can add this to community users wishlist :slight_smile:

See to get some inspiration how to do it with the lighttpd running on the router (with some drawbacks in the design that can be solved by using ACL).

Unfortunately, not manageable via LuCI.

unfortunately the post is no longer available :frowning:

The post is in lounge for some reason, which is only accessible to a small fraction of forum members.