reForis inaccesible

Hello, last few weeks I have problem with reForis. Sometime after reboot I can not access reForis. It displays message “JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data”
LuCi is OK. My turris omnia is in quite default configuration + vpn + speedmeter + adblock.
Omnia reboot solves this problem but only for a some time.
Any advice?

It is a corrupted file, I haven’t registered the exact solution here yet. Returning to a working image will usually help. The problem has already been discussed here. Try looking it up.

thank you for your advice
In other posts I found out that more users are affected. For some, returning to previous snapshot helped, but after update to 6.3.3 the problem is back.

hope it is temporally issue and will be solved in next update.
PS: restarting lighttpd via LuCi solves this issue, but I do not know if it will last just for few ours like when you reboot your device or it will last till next reboot