ReForis: "If a number of network cards does not match"?


this is more of a dev question, but I can’t post there, so:

I completed the German translation of the Turris software a while ago – that is, I almost completed it.
I just can’t get my head around the following sentence (found in reForis’ WiFi tab:

If a number of wireless cards doesn’t match, you may try to reset the Wi-Fi settings.

Match what? If the “a” was a “the”, I could assume that this is referring to a “one card missing” kind of issue, but it says “a number” there. This looks like an error, but that would be a second guess, and two in one string are too much to not check back with someone.

I hope I made myself somewhat clear.

What is that sentence trying to tell us?

“the” surely. The number of cards shown in there and the number of cards connected.

All right, thanks a bunch! Will translate it like this.

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