Reflashing not working (Factory reset 4 dots)

Hi everyone,

following the tutorial on youtube, since I am having issues with port forwarding, I wanted to reflash with a clean image the Turris Omnia.
I followed the indications step by step, but after the long process of reflashing, nothing changes.
I still have my password set up and all my settings. I think that the process did not go through at this point.
Do you guys have a way to force flashing or any suggestion? Maybe even people directly from the Turris Team?


For factory reset you hold down the reset button until three LEDs light up, not four. See The four LED option is used only if you want to restore an image from an external flash drive. The Omnia has a built in snapshot of the original factory state that is used on the three LED reset and it is much faster to reset that way than via the external flash drive. Make sure you release the reset button as soon as the third LED lights up otherwise you’ll end up in the wrong mode.

Speaking of snapshots folks should leverage the built in snapshot utility more. At any time you can use the following commands to list, create, and rollback to saved snapshots on the Omnia. This lets you rollback to a prior state you saved without going all the way back to factory. This is very powerful and I have not seen this on any other consumer router.

To list existing snapshots:

schnapps list

To create a new snapshot:

schnapps create "optional comment"

To rollback to a snapshot

schnapps rollback <snapshot number from list command>

To delete no longer needed snapshot

schnapps delete <number from list command>

The router also creates snapshots automatically at regular intervals and just before any updates. The latter is really handy if an update breaks something. You can rollback, turn off the auto updates and figure out the issue or wait for a fix.

Hi tonyquan,

thanks for the reply. Probably I have not expressed myself too clear and I made confusion.
I wanted to reflash the router with the medikit file as per instructions. I have put the medikit file in the pendrive, I have plugged the pendrive, I have hold the reset button until 4 dots appeared and I have released the button.
I think I have done the procedure correctly, does not seem too hard…but the router was not reflashed.
I am having a lot of issues, as you might have noticed in the previous post about port forwarding.
I have checked with several people on the forum and also some of them do not find where the problem is.
I wanted to have a fresh, out of the box router with a brand new flashed rom, but apparently the system does not make me do that.
This seems to me quite strange.

Thank you for the tips with Schnapps, I will definitely use it once I will manage to make the router work properly. So far I couldn’t, not sure if for my fault or for some other software (or hardware?) issues.

Thanks a million for the support as always.


Have you checked that Omnia can read the pendrive when you insert it while Omnia is running normally?

Hi white,

as you can see from the below the drive is recognized:

The router however does not reflash the rom when prompted with the usual procedure, I do not understand why…


how does look content of the flash drive? Did you rename the image name from omnia-medkit-latest-full.tar.gz to omnia-medkit-last.tar.gz? Look at the instructions here
You could try it with empty drive. Yours is almost full. Maybe some other files confuses the updater.

Hi everyone,

I have tried again today, renaming the file on the flash drive. Now the file name is omnia-medkit-last.tar.gz .

The router does not flash the image from the drive. It did not reboot nor reset to factory.

May I ask anyone from the Turris team to contact me in private? I am having many issues and I think my router is faulty somehow,

Thanks everybody for the support.

Check this thread Official support or RMA? [solved] . Basically you have to write email to official support team.

Thanks Max! Helpful as usual!

What filesystem does your flash drive use? Chances are it is NTFS or ExFAT, which are not supported for reflashing. Try another one, formatted with FAT32 or ext2/3/4.

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Thanks for the suggestion Ondrej, I have formatted the flash drive with FAT32 filesystem and I managed to flash the router again.
Sad note is that regardless of the re-flashing I am still not able to open ports on my router.

Anyway, one problem is solved at least.

Thanks a million!