Redirect popular website hyperlinks to self hosted front ends


I’ve started self hosting privacy respecting front ends for popular websites (Invidious, Nitter, Rimgo, Libremdb, Libreddit, etc) and have been using the Redirector extension in my browsers to access them when clicking on hyperlinks. The problem is we also use a few virtual desktops in my household and some of them are ephemeral so we have to setup Redirector every time one is spun up which is far form ideal. Is there a way to permanently redirect those URL’s to their respective self hosted front end on my Omnia?

You know that https can’t be “changed” by a man in the middle, right? That’s by design. Therefore I’d think that setting up some client-based solution will be the best way in the end.

(Redirecting clients that start with http isn’t that hard IIRC, but I think hyperlinks often use https nowadays. HSTS might not come into play on ephemeral devices, I guess.)

I’m not sure I understand what you mean but I will clarify my setup.

I’m self hosting these front ends on a VPS. Therefore all the https requests originate from that VPS. There are 4 people in my household using it and I also allow 3 close friends households to use it. So we all appear as a single user and our home IP does not appear on any request.

What I need is my Omnia to redirect… to… etc.

Hope this makes my use case clearer.

I’m saying that HTTPS was designed to protect against someone in the middle redirecting it (among other properties). So you need to modify the client in some way.

OK I understand what you meant now.

The Redirector extension uses regular expressions to change the URL from to My PiHole container sees the full URL of the request, so my Omnia sees it too.

So in effect I do not want to redirect the request. I need to parse the URL of the original request, scrap it, and make a new request to my domain based on that.

Never mind I just realised where my thought process went wrong. Thanks for taking the time.


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