Recommend Linux distro

I’m interested in running a Rack application (Sinatra) in a LXC container. I would also want to run MySQL/mariaDB or PostreSQL. Any recommendations for an appropriate Linux distro?

Debian. You can even run Debian on potato:

I am using Debian as main main OS and I love it. Debian has the biggest packages repository. So basically everything is just a matter of apt-get install. If you want to run it as server choose Stretch which is stable version.

Thanks for the reply.

I decided to try Ubuntu (bionic). Will give Debian (stretch) a try too.

While I wasn’t able to create a LXC container using Luci, I was able to do so using CLI.

First I changed the default location location to my RAID:

# cat /etc/lxc/lxc.conf
lxc.lxcpath = /mnt/raid/lxc

Next, I created the container:

# lxc-create -t download -n ubuntu_bionic
Distribution: Ubuntu
Release: Bionic
Architecture: armv7l

started the container:

# lxc-start -n ubuntu_bionic

mounted it:

# lxc-attach -n ubuntu_bionic


  • How do I find it on my network? I don’t see it at ubuntu_bionic.lan.
  • Why isn’t the container listed in Luci?

** edit **

Get the IP address of the KXC containers when ssh’d to the router:

# lxc-info -n ubuntu_bionic -i
IP:             fd22:91e8:e0f::c074:30ff:feda:f6cb
IP:             fd22:91e8:e0f::f8b

It is listed in the leases by its original name:

Unfortunately, I’m not able to access it from other computers.

A restart resolved these issues.