Recomendation Please Extend WiFi

I have just ordered the WiFi upgrade kit from discomp and am looking forward to improving our wifi…

We have a perfectly normal office (4 rooms) and an appartment upstairs that is connected to the office. Unfortunately we have 3 main phases all used throughout the office.

Does anyone have a personal suggestion how to extend the wifi worthout loosing too much bandwidth? Perhaps one of the newer “Mesh” products?

I am happy for any advice…

Thanks! Thomas

  1. place router in the middle of space of your office
  2. do not use diplexers

On top of the advice of @CIJOML i would also advice to use network cables for machines that do have a network outlet. Why? The more machines using wifi, the more chaos no matter what type 2.4 Ghz or 5 GHz you have. In the future it will become even more.

For the machines that can use 5 Ghz, use 5Ghz as it is very durable when having the Omnia in the middle of the office building. Also no interference from 2.4 Ghz waves from neighbors using 2.4 Ghz. If the neighbors are using 5 Ghz, there are still more than enough channels to use to lessen the interference and also 5 Ghz waves don’t go that far so a better alternative instead of the 2.4 Ghz. When placing the Omnia, do place it in the middle, but upstairs. As the waves reach lower places, but more difficult to reach higher places when placed downstairs. Also try to play a bit with the antenna’s.

At home the only machines that are connected to my wifi, is tablet, smartphone and Google Chromecast. All the rest from Raspberry Pi’s to mediabox, to computer to laptop, to NAS are all connected through cable.

About the antenna’s i have with the 5 Ghz antenna’s for example, 1 vertical, one 45 degrees and one 90 degrees (horizontal). The waves will then be send horizontal, vertical and semi-horizontal/vertical.

just curious…ever though about a MESH WLAN setup using some small MESH extenders? I placed 4 AirTies Air 4820 in my 90m² condo and it working like a charme. xfer rate is up to 800 all around the place.

Waiting for their new Air 4930 extenders to have dual-band support.

Hope this helps! :wink: