Reasons to install an SSD drive

Hello everyone:

I just found an M.2 SSD 32Gb drive and I would like to install it on my omnia, but I wonder what kind of uses can improve to have a ssd drive over a usb hard drive for example.

What do you use your SSD for? Web servers? DNS caching?

Thank you!

reason for use SSD is speed and silent thats all, and little bit lower power consumption

TO has no M.2 socket. There are some adapters on the market, but i have found none working… Previously i used 32GB SSD mPcie for logs or as a little storage. For example RRD, majordomo, minidlna configs, or for Transmission downloads is great. Better than gnaw local NAND…

i have 32 GB SSD mPcie for sale for 20 € plus shipping, PM if interested.

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LXC and statistics dbs. I don’t want to wear out internal NAND too quickly.

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I have been using a Samsung 850 EVO mSATA 500GB for about a year. Woow…every penny well spend i must say.

I have divided in part SWAP (although till this day have not activated it), another part for majordomo and the other for Ubuntu 16.04 LXC.

In my LXC i am running deluge (torrent server for uploading and downloads now and then), SABNZB for index downloads, MariaDB + PHPmyadmin, Nextcloud + grauphel for notes with Tomboy + Tomdroid, LDAP + PHPldapadmin -->experimenting with freeradius server, Apache webserver.

Just recently upgrade Raspberry pi 3 with KODI with Khadas VIM2 MAX and installed Libreelec on it to also be able to play movies, series downloaded on the mSATA SSD in the Turris Omnia.

This all takes away a lot of power consumption by having all your other devices off. Just your TV or Tablet or Smartphone to stream from your Turris Omnia (mSATA SSD) through SMB. No need for transcoding as the hardware is able to decode x265 for example.

Your creativity is the limit i just say.