Rear USB port probably dead after electricity dropout


during last night, there was electricity dropout and during morning, I have noticed, that LED of USB key which was connected to the rear usb port (used as srv partition) was off. In Foris storage plugin, there was message saing something about probably data loss and ways of disks in NAS changed from sdb/sdc to sda/sdb (usb key was sda before). In LuCi only NAS disks are visible.

When I put it into front usb port, LED is blinking (I had to got o work, so I could not test it), and USB key connected to my work PC is working correctly (after formatting).

My Omnia is quite old - from Indiegogo campaign. It seems that the rear usb is dead. Is there any way to test somehow rest of the motherboard? Should I worry about rest of Omnia?